Unlock the Power of Real Estate with Just $50
At Lufina, our blockchain-based platform allows you to start building an international real estate portfolio with as little as $50.
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Upcoming Properties
Real Estate Investing without the Headaches
Lufina removes the traditional barriers to allow everyone to explore the world of real estate investment
Pre-vetted Deals
All properties are pre-vetted by our team to ensure the best deals for our users.
Growth Markets
Target markets based on jobs, population and income growth.
Experienced Management
All properties are managed and upkept by professionals based on token holder votes.
Low Upfront Costs
Start owning real estate with as little as $50.
No Credit Requirements
With only $50 as the upfront cost, you can skip the bank with all their credit requirements.
Daily Rental Payments
Receive prorated rental payments from properties daily.
One Platform, Everything Real Estate
Lufina Marketplace
Our platform allows individuals to easily start investing in real estate and earn rental income with as little as $50. Buy, sell, and earn at any time.
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Lufina Pay
Turn your real estate equity into a financial tool with the Lufina Pay card. Use it to pay for everyday purchases by preloading funds or using property tokens as collateral for real-time loans at the point of purchase.
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Lufina Lend
Through permissionless loans, we enable you to immediately access up to 70% of the value of your property tokens without complex paperwork or wait times.
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The FINA Token
Powering the Lufina Ecosystem
At the heart of Lufina's ecosystem is the FINA token, a utility token that drives all our functionality and value.
Whether used in transactions or governance, FINA is the central element that creates our accessible, secure, and affordable real estate investment experience.
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Luminate your financial future with Lufina - where real estate investment is for everyone.
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