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Here at Lufina, real estate investment has never been more straightforward. We are transforming the way you invest by utilizing blockchain technology to make property ownership accessible to everyone—no matter where you are. With just $50, you can own a share of rental portfolios through our property NFTs worldwide—breaking down the traditional barriers and opening doors to real estate investment for all.

FINA tokens power the Lufina ecosystem and are the required transaction fees when buying and selling property NFTs on our marketplace among other benefits—and now they’re HERE.

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FINA token presale information
Presale Round Options
Option 1
Price : $0.024 per FINA Token
Rules : $50 USDT minimum
Hard cap : $250,000 USDT
Vesting terms : 18 months cliff, 10% every quarter until 100% received.
Option 2
Price : $0.0295 per FINA Token
Rules : $50 USDT minimum
Hard cap : $100,000 USDT
Vesting : 100% unlocked 30 days after listing
Initial Exchange/Dex Listing
September 2024!
Price :TBA. Guaranteed above Launchpad price
Start building your wealth today-join in on the presale and get ahead!
How to participate in the presale
Sign up for a Lufina account
Create your account and KYC on our platform.
Deposit USDT
Deposit the amount of USDT you wish to use for purchasing FINA tokens.
Access the presale tab
Navigate to the FINA token Presale tab on your user dashboard.
Select your presale option
Choose the presale option that suits you and enter the amount of USDT you want to use.
Confirm your purchase
Click confirm and complete your purchase.
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Now’s the time to invest in something real and luminate your financial future

Refer your friends and earn rewards—for every successful presale round coin purchaser you refer, you'll receive an 5% commission paid in USDT.

Reserve your FINA token allocation today! All you need to do is sign up for a Lufina account, complete KYC, and fill out the interest form to receive updates about the presale round.

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